All you need to publish your machine learning model

Save your model

The first step is to save model. After finishing the neural network training, save Your model as file with .h5 extension.

create settings file

Next, insert Your Deep Neural Network model into and write simple config for Your model.

Write simple class

Then, write simple Class for Your Deep Neural Network model. For example, prediction of cats.

JWT Authentication

The access management in our API is powered by JWT. Every request to the service is signed by a unique token which you get every time you login.

Request storing

Every user request is stored in a sqlite Data Base. The entries contain information on request type, data, headers and models response.

Easy model adding

Just copy a folder containing model, config and Python file containing a class that overrides the loading and processing methods from our base class .

For More visit Our Documentation Page on GitHub.

Looking for ready to use models

We provide already trained machine learning models accessible through simple API for your project.

If you want access to these models write an e-mail to

We are open for cooperation with machine learning model authors and companies who want to use our resources.

If you don’t find what are you looking for, write to us at